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FasCat Cycling Training Tips Podcast

Mar 31, 2022

Spring is here, and the weather is no longer an excuse to not ride longer and more. But, we get it, just because the weather is better, doesn’t mean riding more is necessarily easier. That’s why in the podcast episode, Coach Frank is here to make riding more each week a lot more simple with some simple training tactics.

Coach Frank dives into why you need to ride more, FasCat’s top strategies and coaching tips for riding more, a 16-week training guide progression to help your ride more, and three long rides we love to subscribe at FasCat.

With these tips, you will double your ride time this summer! Are you ready?!

What Coach Frank discusses:

4:00 - Overview of increasing time in the saddle

11:00 - Strategy

13:00 - 3 Different long rides

19:00 - Riding longer tips

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